From the Doctor
Psychiatry is an area where general public is, even today, ill informed. Often people fail to realise that many of the behavioral and adjustment problems are actually psychiatric disorders, and at times patients and their caretakers are at a loss about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the psychiatric illnesses. Ignorance leads to a lot of wasted effort and money on their part. Often they are misguided and embark on wrong treatment, and more often, they are not able to comply with the requirements of the treatment. At times, unnecessary investigations are done and medications taken, which increase the cost of the treatment, put the patient to avoidable risk, and may worsen the outcome of the illness.
As this website is dedicated towards education of the patients and their caregivers, they are encouraged to ask as many questions as they wish to. Once they are clear in their mind about all the aspects of the illness, they will embark on a path that will lead to happiness and wellbeing not only in the life of those, who, due to cruel hand of destiny, are suffering from mental illnesses, but also their immediate family members and friends.
Important Note:-
Due to obvious reasons it is wrong to give specific treatment recommendations in a particular case without meeting the patient in person. So information given through this website can only be general and guiding in nature. One should consult one's psychiatrist before starting a treatment plan.